We live in an endlessly fascinating world. Nothing proves this more than the fact that the deeper one goes, the more questions one finds. Expanding our horizon outside of what we know is the essential human behavior detailed cross-culturally through myths, religions, and more recently, science. This is a place to explore and share those particular slices of life that I have found interesting, meaningful, or useful. Simply, some of the things that have made my world better.

This is a place for ideas and discussion. A forum for perennial investigation of truth. A place to grow, change, and encounter new ways of thinking.

This is a tool to help me understand the multitude of perspectives. A tool for learning and progression of thought. The progression of thought typified by the contradictions that society now seems incapable of handling. That is the nature of learning, and an inherent property of pushing the boundary of what you know. Hopefully you find something you can relate to, but if not, here is to the perpetual development of new metaphors and the desire to find something that works.